Cannot empty queue and start encoding

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Cannot empty queue and start encoding

Post by kippcorona »

Hi there!

After using handbrake for years and being very happy with it I have encountered a problem I cannot solve by myself.

I open up handbrake and select a video source I would like to add it to the queue. Scanning works fine, everything is okay. Problem is, I cannot add it to the queue. It is posted there for a split second and then it vanishes again. In the queue there is still an old item pending of a file I have previously encoded. I cannot erase this one either! After deleting it reappears... So I am stuck here... Don't know what to do. In fact I have uninstalled Handbrake from my Mac now several times but the issue occurs again and again. Could it be that there is some file I need to delete as well? Could not find anything in the library. It is version 0.9.9 I am using...

I would be very glad if some one knew the answer!

Kind regards!

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Re: Cannot empty queue and start encoding

Post by TedJ »

Try opening the folder "~/Library/Application Support/HandBrake" and manually delete the Queue.plist file.

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