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New to Handbrake

Post by joshsall »

I have a lot of old dvds's and am building a media server. The entertainment system is way too complex to get in tot eh details but what I'm hoping for is that Someone could direct me to the best possible settings in form of video and audio TRANSFER FROM THE DVD TO DIGITAL FORMAT. i did notice that it only support 5.1. should I be usINg a different product? I do have toast titanium 11 but i find this software easier to use. at thej end of teh day i will want all my hard copies on a digital drive and will need blue ray function at some poitn but don't sustpect taht to be abother year or sol

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Re: New to Handbrake

Post by mduell »

The "High Profile" preset is a good starting point for media server/home theater setups.

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Re: New to Handbrake

Post by kfreeb »

Could you please elaborate on what kind of media player you're going to be using as well as storage device, (NAS, or iTunes on your computer, etc.)

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