ripping parts of a dvd

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ripping parts of a dvd

Post by spuds »

Hello after spending several hrs on the forum i'm learning but cannot find answers to several questions. Can I rip an entire dvd and edit parts out, add parts of another ripped dvd and have the finished edited dvd file transferred to my apple tv, "sort of like a "playlist" of several music videos" also I would like to keep the video quality and audio quality as close to the originals as possible. File size is not an issue. Thanks so much for your help.

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Before you get ripped a new one...

Post by Aarroneous »

If you're looking into editing video from commercial DVDs (arguably fair-use), there are many products available to you. Handbrake is not one of them. To be nice I will list the following terms for you to google:

MTR or Mac the Ripper
Apple Quicktime Pro
video capture firewire usb

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