Nightly Builds

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Nightly Builds

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We are now sharing nightly builds of HandBrake. If all goes well they will likely replace our snapshot releases.

These are not stable releases. They are unstable (and undocumented) code which will one day lead to a stable release of HandBrake 0.9.9. They are only recommended for experienced users and developers.

Please note, we do not have resources to setup builds for every platform. Please don't ask.

Some builds are not currently built nightly. They are built when someone has time to do some manual processing.

You can download the builds from the nightly build page.

Bug Reports
If you find broken things in these builds--which you will-- please wait a few days and try a newer build. Then, if the problem persists, post a thorough bug report in our bugs forum.

The Trac time-line shows all the recent changes to the code base.