Noob question about zero cells

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Noob question about zero cells

Post by Anders »

Alright, so i'm trying to rip a movie that is known to have zero cell issues, what is a zero cell, and how do i get around it in order to rip the whole movie?

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Post by baggss »

On the Mac you need either MacTheRipper 3 r14d ($34 suggested donation), or MacTheRipper 2.6.6 (Free) and DVD2OneX ($50).

On a PC, beats me.

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Re: Noob question about zero cells

Post by deckeda »

Anders wrote: ... what is a zero cell ...
DVDs are comprised of "cells". Each one has data in it, except when it doesn't (i.e., an "empty" cell, or one that's 0MB in size essentially.)

Empty cells are decoys, plain and simple --- inserted to fool computer DVD rippers to create an unusable, or nearly so, result.

DVD players ignore them. How, I don't know. Perhaps there's an instruction file that tells the DVD player to bypass them. But a ripping program, unless specifically made to hunt them down like the dogs they are, blithely goes along and tries to deal with them, only to end in despair, despondency, delusion and defeat.

Hope that wasn't too melodramatic for anyone. Antidote: Now ya'll go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

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