Invalid IFO for title 1

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Invalid IFO for title 1

Post by bahamaben »

Toshiba VHS DVD burner with –R blank dvd disc.

I am converting my VHS video library to dvd, and then using HB to convert the DVD so I can watch the movie on my Apple tv. On the videos that are not copy protected, I am able to play all of the dvd’s on my stand alone dvd player. However, when I put the dvd into my Macpro computer, I cannot play all of the dvd. There seem to be two different types of DVD that are made from my vhs to dvd dubbing machine. One is titled DVD_VIDEO_RECORDING (all caps). This is the format that the apple optical drive and HB does not recognize. Below is the activity log:

[07:20:14] macgui: Handbrake Version: 0.9.3 (2008112300)
[07:20:26] macgui: trying to open video_ts folder (parent directory chosen)
[07:20:26] macgui: trying to open a physical dvd at: /Volumes/DVD_VIDEO_RECORDING
[07:20:26] macgui: VLC app found for decrypting physical dvd
[07:20:26] hb_scan: path=/dev/disk10, title_index=0
[07:20:26] scan: trying to open with libdvdread
*** Zero check failed in ifo_read.c:432
for vmgi_mat->zero_3 = 0x00000000010000000000000000000000000000
[07:20:28] scan: DVD has 1 title(s)
[07:20:28] scan: scanning title 1
[07:20:28] scan: opening IFO for VTS 1
libdvdread: Invalid IFO for title 1 (VTS_01_0.IFO).
libdvdread: Invalid IFO for title 1 (VTS_01_0.BUP).
GUI ERROR dialog: scan: ifoOpen failed
[07:20:28] libhb: scan thread found 0 valid title(s)
[07:20:29] macgui: ScanDone state received from fHandle

This is what the unrecognizable disc contains:
VIDEO_TS folder:


The other DVD format that is recognizable is “DVD Video Recording” (with spaces and some caps and some lower case lettering) and this is read by HB and I can convert the movie. I am using the same settings on the VHS to DVD dubbing machine and I am finalizing the dvd before I put it in the Mac. I am using the same DVD media (-R Great Quality 4.7gb 16x) blank discs. I tried mac the ripper to rip the dvd first, but mtr does not recognize the dvd either. Below is the activity log for a recognizable dvd:

I typed in “Invalid IFO for title 1” in the HB search, but did not find a topic with the similar problem.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Invalid IFO for title 1

Post by Rodeo »

You might be recording the non-working DVDs in DVD-VR mode. You should check the manual for your "VHS-to-DVD dubbing machine" and figure out how to burn standard DVDs.

Edit: After actually reading the Wikipedia article, maybe I'm wrong (if you were recording in DVD-VR mode, the IFO file probably wouldn't be called VTS_01_0.IFO).

However, you should definitely check the manual. You may be overlooking some setting that's causing some DVDs to be burned one way and other to be burned another way.
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Re: Invalid IFO for title 1

Post by bahamaben »

thanks for your input. i reviewed the instruction manual and could not find anything that would make dubbing from VHS to DVD different. most of the settings to change were for sound output, auto chapter and auto-finalize. if the VHS was copy protected, it i will get a message immediately and the dubbing stops.

so, the problem persits.

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