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MP4 Soft Sub handling

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:10 am
by granita
Cheers everyone! I'm new here, congrats for the nice forum.

I'm trying to rip my foreign language movies to my harddisk. having the subtitles is crucial to me here. handbrake unfortunately only supports hardsubs, what might make sense for putting it on your iPod, but as watching it on my Mac mostly, I'd wish to turn them off at times, or have more than one language to switch. I tried to find as much information in this forum as I can.

There is muxo and especially subler, that allow me to integrate .srt files into my MP4 files. but for that I already need the subtitle file. many movies I wanna rip are old and I wouldn't find the subfiles in the web.

So I guess the big question would be:
Is there a simple Mac software that allows me to rip a soft subtitle file (.srt I guess) from the DVD??? so I could just launch it to my movie in VLC... or if I understood it right I can later combine my soft sub files with subler (or muxo) so I have various hardsub versions to watch on a iPod.

Any other ideas for that topic? I really hope I didn't oversee a already existing thread.
Greets to all you guys and thanks for any advice.

Re: MP4 Soft Sub handling

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 7:55 pm
by ccjensen
is a decent tool. As the subtitles on dvd's usually are "images" rather then text strings, OCR software has to be used. d-subtitler does a decent job, but means you have to do some manual work.