Fast-forward and rewind issues [AVI & H264]

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Fast-forward and rewind issues [AVI & H264]

Post by Edd »


I am relatively new to ripping but I have read most handbrake documentation.

I have been successful in making some very beautiful rips.

I am using 80% constant quality or 4.5gb per rip [depending on DVD]. AVI format H264 codec.

They really are beautiful quality. It took a while to tweak but I got them there.

So, on to my problem...

These things play 1 way. When you start them, you had better be ready. They
are true cinema experience rips.

I cannot rewind or fast-forward these rips. What in the world is up ???

Also, I am playing these on SageTV. They have similar issue in VLC, etc. I attribute
VLC problems to file size though. Trust me, this is not a SageTV issue.

Any ideas ?

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Re: Fast-forward and rewind issues [AVI & H264]

Post by TedJ »

Two things come to mind...
  1. There are some issues with the AVI muxer in Handbrake. Either remux the encoded file with ffmpegX or use another container.
  2. 80% is way too high for a SD DVD source - this could be causing bitrate peaks that are overwhelming the buffer on both VLC and your SageTV. The version of x264 bundled with the 0.9.3 release, you should be able to achieve perceptual transparency at 59-62%.

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Re: Fast-forward and rewind issues [AVI & H264]

Post by lone_tree »

One other thing I would mention is the more advanced options you set in x264, the more complicated the files becomes and the harder it becomes to FF/RW. Stick to a very basic preset (probably similar to Apple Univ.) and you'll get OK results on FF/RW'ing.

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