complete beginners question

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complete beginners question

Post by pkr »

ok, probably embarrassing to have to ask that, but so what...

so i downloaded handbrake and clicked on "source". there i found the dvd ad clicked on that. then there was the following options:


clicked on "video_ts" and got the options to chose between different fines, endign with .bup, .ifo or .vob.

non of them worked and it sayed that handbrake could not finde vlc. so i clicked on "get vlc" and downloaded that as well. vlc runs fine, at least i can watch the dvd using vlc.

so i once again clicked on "source", and when i clicked on the dvd-icon it was just the same procedure as above.

then i "source" again and tried another device and chose vlc. this opened:

-read me.rtf

whatever i click, nothing works.

i guess i´m doing some very fundamental thing wrongly, but what? (it should be obvious that i haven´t got the first idea in computer-things, so don´t be too brutal with me :) )

btw: it´s a macbook pro, mac os x, version 10.5.7, vlc version 0.9.9a, handbrake version 0.9.3

thanks in advance

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Re: complete beginners question

Post by Rodeo »

I'm not sure of the procedure for a physical DVD, but for pre-ripped discs you should just select the VIDEO_TS folder (or its parent folder) as the source.

Edit: For physical DVDs, you should be able to select the disc as the source.
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Re: complete beginners question

Post by belloq »

Make sure you're actually clicking the button ("Select" or "OK" - can't recall ATM) and not just double-clicking your way through the window. Double-click usually just means open, not select, for folders and drives.
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