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Re: EEDI2 Port

Post by Elan »

Jbrjake can I ask you to add it to the low-priority enhancement ticket list when the patch will be checked in?

-> Add a new mode that force decomb to use a specific deinterlacing method for combed frames only.

Thank you for the reply

Feedback on the EEDI2 Patch :

I use it since you post the first patch. I realy like the results and I saw no glitch with it in about 200+ SD/HD mpeg transport streams encodes so I did not compare it to the old decomb mode.

Good work!
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Re: EEDI2 Port

Post by jbrjake »

Gave up on getting any sort of developer review and checked it in as r2264.

Elan, we'll continue this in the decomb forum thread...
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