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Handbrake PHP Server

Post by dambergn »

I am looking to create a video trans-coding server that uses handbrake but I don't want to use CLI to do so. What I was wondering is if there is some kind of PHP front end that could be installed in Linux on the trans-code server that I could use to load, setup and trans-code through a web browser from any computer I would like. Has anyone heard of this being done?

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Re: Handbrake PHP Server

Post by rollin_eng »

Why not just remote in and run HB?

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Re: Handbrake PHP Server

Post by s55 »

If I were going to implement this. I'd extend HandBrake to run in a daemon mode and use the new JSON API that's available in the nightly builds. There are plans to add multi-process support so a daemon isn't a stretch from there.

Thing is, HandBrake wasn't designed with security in mind, so it would be absolutely insane if the engine was exposed to the web in any way. Hooking it via the CLI is probably the safest option.

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