Translation of ghb is on puiblic?

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Translation of ghb is on puiblic?

Post by ponsfoot »

Handbrake project on Transfex[1] is official project?
Currently, 6 languages are requesting to be added on Hanndbrake project on Transfex.

I send a message to VictorR2007, he said,
> I do not understand.
> You want to add languages ​​here
> ... -snapshots
>If so, write to the author of the program John Stebbins <>
> hashimo wrote:
>> Hi VictorR2007,
>> Currently, 6 languages are waiting to be added on
>> Handbrake project.
>> Could you add tem?
>> Thx


Please tell me translation for ghb on Tx is official or not.
If not, I won't translate it.

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Re: Translation of ghb is on puiblic?

Post by JohnAStebbins »

There is no official handbrake translation. If people want to do translations, they are welcome to and I will accept their submissions of the po files. But I do not vouch for the accuracy of any translation and I do not personally participate in any of the translation projects.

As far as I know, the transifex project you linked to is the only one I have received submissions from.

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Re: Translation of ghb is on puiblic?

Post by Djfe »

and it's only for the Linux GUI as far as I know

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Re: Translation of ghb is on puiblic?

Post by s55 »


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