Handbrake and Haswell Quicksync

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Re: Handbrake and Haswell Quicksync

Post by Rodeo »

gmb wrote:And API 1.7 driver for those wo prefer downloadcenter drivers: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail ... 864-bit%29
Heh, looks like it was finally released officially from Intel.

What's the name/title of the PDF you got your slides from?
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Re: Handbrake and Haswell Quicksync

Post by gmb »

Only because the Media SDK team escalated the driver problem to appropriate teams this week after I annoyed them. The sessions with the slides are below.

https://intel.activeevents.com/sf13/con ... ON_ID=1178
https://intel.activeevents.com/sf13/con ... ON_ID=1102
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