HandBrakeInterop when run in .NET 4.5 Crashing

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HandBrakeInterop when run in .NET 4.5 Crashing

Post by Alkrun »

I'm working on writing a .NET app that uses HandBrake. The HandBrakeInterop project looks like the best candidate to do what I need so I downloaded the code from Subversion and built it, where the tests run fine. But running in my app which is built targeting .NET 4.5, HandBrakeInstance crashes when I call StartScan(). Same behavior can be seen if I open the HandBrakeInterop solution in Visual Studio 2012, switch the Test Project's Build to target .NET 4.5. The tests begin to fail. Switch back to .NET 4.0 and they succeed.

I'm going to start digging into this, but was curious if anyone had seen this and has ideas or was already working on it. A few quick searches turned up http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums ... 1b9d04419/ as a possible issue.

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Re: HandBrakeInterop when run in .NET 4.5 Crashing

Post by RandomEngy »

That MSDN thread refers to use of an incorrect type in a p-invoke signature. Do you think that any of the current p-invoke signatures we have are wrong? (By the way I'm the main dev on HandBrakeInterop and was not aware of the problem until now)

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