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Developer required?

Post by TYrAel »

Firstly, Oitent (viewtopic.php?p=119341&f=4#p119341) - the UI you suggested wouldn't provide a clear, initiative UX. The fact that it is black isn't a problem, things need to be more greatly simplified (imho).
Your other suggestions however are great!

When designing a front-end UI (software/web design especially) one must be concious of (user) decision fatigue/analysis paralysis (the paradox of choice :? )! (As with many things) The KISS principle works best!

I may have missed it but which language is HandBreak written in? Also does it utilise and frameworks? I ask since I'm happy to contribute if need be?! A feature which caught my eye on the Ideas ( page was a "daemon mode" - I've had quite a bit of experience with distributed system consumption such as with a REST interface (imo unless the project is at/around an enterprise level SOAP is more work [trouble] than it's worth, but that's just me :) ).

I'm a qualified (Bachelor of Computer Science major in Software Engineering) and have worked as a software engineer - anything from web design (mostly UI work) to legacy code to new projects. Using a variety of of language although I feel more proficient in (software coding) Java or C#(.NET) - although have dabbled in other languages also so I'm not totally out of my comfort zone with the others (eg, during Uni I did however program in C, C++, ASM MatLab, etc.) - and in terms of web coding I'm comfortable in PHP (with Zend framework), Javascript (JQuery framework), HTML (of course =P ) and SQL for databasing.

I am however back at Uni (stupidly [? lol] doing a second degree) undergoing a Bachelor of Health Science (double majoring in Pharmacology and Biochemistry is anyone cares :wink: ) so my hours/contribution maybe limited.

Anyway, I'm happy to try to help in anyway I can 8) . Feel free to PM me (anyone on these forums for that matter :) ! I do freelance web development! :D

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Re: Developer required?

Post by mduell »

Let's see if I understood your post correctly:
* You can't figure out what language HB is written in.
* You have limited free time available.
* You don't communicate clearly.

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