Season box scripting

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Season box scripting

Post by JPlenert »

Hi all,

great tool, congrats to the developers!

I'm using handbrake to convert some of my season boxes.
But that is quite a hard job: juggling a lot of discs, try not to forget anything :twisted:
So I wrote some batch files to do the job more efficient (thanks to HandBrakeCLI :) ).

But that is not worth a real developer ... So I wrote a small C# application.
Within a information file i'm giving any informations about the boxes; Disc numbers, Episode number, VTS and PGC to get from and the target sound options.
After that the tool will first start the ripping process (and always tells you exacty what disc to insert) and will convert all vobs to mp4.

Maybe this is also interesting to get included into handbrake. I'd love to contribute this code and maybe I'll also able doing some integration work ...



BTW: I'm the original developer of DVDToolbox and DVDFab. So maybe this may help also ...

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Re: Season box scripting

Post by mduell »

Given the niche purpose it's probably better off as a standalone app that calls HBCLI.

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