HandBrake unofficial revision 71 committed

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HandBrake unofficial revision 71 committed

Post by rhester »


HandBrake 0.7.1a2

Updated x264 base source to svn 604
Improved CQP and ABR handling

Actual command input and output used for checkin:

Code: Select all

rhester@debbie:~/HandBrake-r70$ svn status
M      libhb/encx264.c
M      Jamrules
M      macosx/HandBrake.plist
M      macosx/HandBrake.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
M      contrib/version_x264.txt
M      contrib/patch-x264-macintel.patch
The above indicates that 6 existing files were changed between revision 70 and 71 and that no files were added or removed.

Code: Select all

rhester@debbie:~/HandBrake-r70$ svn ci .
Sending        Jamrules
Sending        contrib/patch-x264-macintel.patch
Sending        contrib/version_x264.txt
Sending        libhb/encx264.c
Sending        macosx/HandBrake.plist
Sending        macosx/HandBrake.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
Transmitting file data ......
Committed revision 71.
The above opened an editor window for me to enter the changelog, then committed the revision to svn.

Please note that it is *CRITICAL* for developers to either resync with the repository if they have live changes against existing files (svn update) or to check out a fresh copy in a new directory if they have no live changes in progress (svn co svn://multics.dynalias.com/HandBrake/trunk <new directory>).

I have also edited the SVN page (http://multics.dynalias.com/handbrake/svn.html) to remove the references to the showstopper memory leak bugs that plagued revision 70 (as it is unknown to what extent they remain) and to remove the restriction on binary redistribution (though this site will not do so except for "public" releases that have undergone reasonable testing and are sufficiently free of bugs to be considered "production" quality).

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