Windows build status

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Windows build status

Post by mirkwood »

Just to let you guys know where I am with the Windows build:

The MinGW gcc build has just been causing more problems than it solves, so for now I'm sticking with the Cygwin gcc build.

This means that the Cygwin build will need to package cygwin1.dll and cygz.dll, HBTest.exe needs these libraries to run. As long as they're always with HBTest.exe it shouldn't be a big deal...I hope...

Although I could make ffmpeg compile without zlib, which would get rid of the need for cygz.dll....but I'm not sure what impact no zlib has on ffmpeg, I imagine it might use it's own simple zlib type code or just not use zlib type compression at all, and I'm not even sure where ffmpeg uses zlib.

I'll try to tackle the MinGW build again later. And currently my MinGW builds end up requiring pthreadGC2.dll and mgwz.dll to run anyways, so until I get those statically linked (or at least pthreadGC2, mgwz is the MinGW zlib and again I could use ffmpeg without zlib) the MinGW build isn't any less of an install/distribution hassle than the Cygwin build.

BTW, for the curious, pthreadGC2.dll is the free Windows pthread API library from
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