Retiring Trac.

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Retiring Trac.

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This is just a quick notice to let everyone know that we are currently transitioning away from Trac.

Trac ( is the tool that we have used for our wiki, svn and git timelines, issue tracking and roadmap for many years but it no longer fits our requirements. Since moving to GibHub, all our issue tracking, roadmap and code history has been working well from there. As such, Trac has become largely redundant for us and is more a burdon to maintain and keep up to date. Using GitHub not only makes it easier for people to contribute, it allows us to spend more time working on HandBrake and less time worying about infrasturcture and hosting.

In the coming month the final part, the wiki will be transitioned completely away. will rediect to the new documentation (currently in beta).

New URL's:


Development Timeline: GitHub

If you have any questions, please feel free to raise a question in the General forum.