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Subtitle Colors

Post by golias »

Hey, congratulations on getting the forums off the ground!

My biggest single complaint with Handbrake (which I started bringing up on the old forums shortly before the mysterious vanishing of the developer) has always been that the "burned-in" subtitles are stripped of color data and replaced with text which is translucent.

Some shows become impossible to watch because of this. DVD colors are sometimes used to separate dialog from translations of background chatter, soundtrack lyrics, on-screen signs, etc.

Also, the text becomes very difficult to read against "busy" images. Since subtitles are meant to display just long enough for you to read them, anything that slows you down is a Bad Thing.

Separate handling of subtitles instead of "burn-in" would kinda/sorta solve this problem, but would also break iPod compatibility. I'm cool with burned-in subs, I just want them to be more readable.
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Post by Bluemint »

I second this feature. I have titles that has essentially white background so a non-white subtitle is a must!

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