More x264 profiles

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More x264 profiles

Post by valmaer »

Since I began using HandBrake I've noticed that it appears to use x264 for encoding in H.264. I was wondering if there were any plans to allow encoding in different H.264 profiles in HandBrake.

I would think that things like the High Profile and High 4:4:4 Profile would be useful in different methods of encoding.

I'm afraid I don't know the technicalities in doing this but from what I presume it would simply be a matter of incorporating more of the features of x264.

Thanks for reading

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Re: More x264 profiles

Post by jbrjake »

valmaer wrote:Thanks for reading
I wish I could say the same to you. What is so difficult about reading a post entitled "README before suggesting a new feature" before suggesting a new feature?

If you had done so, you would have seen there is no need to suggest HandBrake allow encoding with high profile. Even though it was more involved than just enabling more x264 options, high profile support is indeed one of the features of the next beta.

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