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my wish list

Post by Conner »

This is a repost from the dev forum, it makes more sense here. Some of the items have already been answered.

As a longtime user I'll toss out my suggestions - things I would like to see Handbrake do ...

1) I would like to be able to step thru the video frame by frame in the picture settings screen. The reason for this is so that I can tell if the video needs to be deinterlaced or not. With the 10 frames or so that you can preview, you don't always hit a frame that shows interlacing. Sure you can usually tell pretty quick if something is going to be interlaced or not - but for example Season 3 of X-Files seems to be pretty random, some episodes are interlaced, some are not. Pie in the sky request would be some sort of adaptive deinterlacing - but I'm guessing this is not something easy to do.

2) Chapters don't seem to start/stop exactly where they should, seems like they might be rounded or something, I will often get a bit before the start - or a bit after - or miss the very start, etc. The 'old' DVD ripping program OSeX seems to pull chapters out exactly, so I don't think it's something that 'can't be done'. This seems to be more important to Music Videos - they seem to like to lump all the videos as chapters to a title rather than having them all individually.

3) I'd like to be able to encode a VOB file. There are times when a DVD is set up in a way that makes Handbrake barf one way or another, Stargate SG-1 Season 7 and 8 have messed up audio. With Stargate I was able to extract the title using OSeX, then encode that to mpeg4 using Open Shiiva and the audio was correct. I would rather use Handbrake to compress of course (:

4) For cropping, I'd like some sort of 'maintain aspect ratio' checkbox, so that if I"m cropping the top it will crop the sides enough to keep image from getting squashed or stretched. I can guestimate them pretty good and/or do the math to get the exact numbers, but it could be something that is just 'done for me' instead.

Note - on this one we're talking a 'maintain aspect ratio' for the cropping that is seperate from the aspect ratio of the final movie. This may cause the image to be 'zoomed' up or down, but won't stretch it vertically or horizontally.

5) I would like to see more audio options. If, for example, I'm coming from a mono source, it would be nice to be able to compress this to mono aac. I am guessing behind the scenes it uses the QT aac compression, which has 'good better best' options for encoding - does HandBrake us 'best' or 'better' ? Or does it use different encoding?

Note - it was answered that HandBrake does not use QT. I would still like to see some more choices, the ability to have mono rather than stereo in the final movie would be nice.

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Post by AtHomeBoy_2000 »

I understand the point of handbrake is to rip to MP4. However, I'd LOVE an option to rip to MP4 in a .MOV wrapper that allows for chapters and subtitles. (and Handbrake would have chapter ripping built in)
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