Please add HINTING (for streamability)

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Please add HINTING (for streamability)

Post by rhubear »

I use collaboration software which includes being able to stream audio/video from online disk space. Therefore I'm adding hinting to all my videos that I'm encoding.

It would be REALLY useful to have Media Fork support hinting, otherwise I'll have to re-process the output video from MF to add hinting (a real pain).

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Post by hawkman »

In the meantime, you could (assuming you haven't already) set up some scripts or Automator actions to do it automatically... might take some of the stress out of it.

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Post by jbrjake »


There's already a ticket for this:

There are already 2 request threads for this:

We need another one...why? Because you can't read? I know I haven't updated the sticky with everything in the Trac, but I cannot comprehend why anyone would go to any forum and ask any question without searching first for related keywords. It's just common sense.