Playstation 3 (PS3) Profile AVC/H.264 + AAC/5.1

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Playstation 3 (PS3) Profile AVC/H.264 + AAC/5.1

Post by thyon »

Please also consider creating a profile similar to the iPod one (which works) to allow encoding for the Playstation 3 (PS3). In this profile the default audio should be AAC/5.1 (Dolby AC-3) with the option to change it to AAC/2.0 (stereo) if you prefer.

I believe that movies contain 70% of their appeal in the multi-channel 5.1/7.1 sound. Its really sad to encode my DVDs and to lose the audio trimmed to stereo.

I know the new (beta) version will support this when it gets release, so please can you make a profile that includes the settings above.

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Post by maurj »

Hi thyon,

AAC/5.1 isn't AC-3. They are entirely different formats. The former is six discrete AAC channels in one soundtrack; the latter is an encoded 5.1 mix (aka Dolby Digital). 5.1 amplifiers need the encoded AC-3 to support 5.1 over an optical (Toslink) cable.

Handbrake already allows you to extract and preserve the original AC-3 (aka Dolby Digital) soundtrack. Would this work for the PS3?

(BTW, the next version of Handbrake will contain an option to extract 5.1 AC-3 to a 6-channel AAC track. I don't know if the PS3 can encode a 6-channel AAC back to AC-3 on the fly - this is Dolby Digital Live, I think. But if it can play the original AC-3, then you wouldn't need this feature.)

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Post by Video_newb »

I'm not sure if the PS3 will be able to output the multichanel aac track, but part of the problem is the PS3's anal nature in reading header and wrapper information. Thus unless I missed something, the problem with using AC-3 passthrough in mediafork right now is that it requires an avi wrapper. The PS3 will only take mp4 files. I don't know what the wrapper limitations are, but if ac-3 can be written into mp4 files, that would probably work the best.

Edit: After looking around a bit on the nets, it seems like neither of these options will work as of now, but could possibly gain support with future ps3 firmware updates. Thus good ol DVD or linux on the PS3 seem to be the only choices for multichannel audio (with video streams).

Edit number 2: Hit upon some more potentially helpful info. It seems that as of the latest firmware update the PS3 supports AVCHD (.m2ts). AVCHD in turn appears to support h.264 encoding with 5.1 AC3 streams. Any chance we might see an AVCHD profile in handbrake guys?

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