16x9 resolutions, access quictime components, DVD burning?

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16x9 resolutions, access quictime components, DVD burning?

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I was just wondering if the handbrake / mediafork programmers will include custom resolution upscaling by 1 pixel horizontally and vertically or make 16:9 presets going from 640x360, 720x405, 1280x720, and 1920x1080.

I'd also like to request that they include access to components like the perian one for quicktime or VLC's components for decompression and decoding. And also like them to allow conversion from VOBs and mov. avi. mpg. wmv. (using flip for mac's codec) and any other formats other than just DVD conversion.

Also one big thing I'd really like and most would request is DVD burning. From the original file (extracted by mac the ripper) and also compressing it to fit on a single layer DVD. Also converting VOBs, mov. avi. mpg. wmv. and others to M-PEG 2 / DVD VOBs ,ISOs, and IFOs to be burned onto a DVD. And also make custom menus or import templates from iDVD and other programs.

This will be a lot of work, trial and error, headaches and migraines, but it'd make handbrake / mediafork really great and powerful software. ^__^

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