Possible feature: finding 'hidden' extras

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Possible feature: finding 'hidden' extras

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On most DVDs I've seen, extras (deleted scenes etc) are in separate tracks that Handbrake finds and lists in the dropdown menu for possible encoding.

However, a DVD I played recently featured a commentary audio track, with branching points where a graphic appeared on screen allowing you to press 'enter' on the remote and see a short 'extra' video sequence before returning to the main movie. The DVD was a fanedit (Star Wars II Attack of the Phantom') - the technique reminded me of the Matrix white rabbit branching video.

On this particular DVD, I found that all these 'extra' branching scenes were stitched together in the same VOB that appeared to hold the main DVD menu graphics. As I played that VOB in VLC, I noticed that as each new scene started playing, the timer reset to 0.

Handbrake didn't detect any of these extras as a separate track or tracks to encode.

It might be useful to at least provide a 'encode by VOB file' option, potentially with in points and out points. This would allow encoding of things that Handbrake doesn't pick up by itself.


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