Multi-DVD's into Single MPEG-4

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Multi-DVD's into Single MPEG-4

Post by OSMacintosh »


I thought of something I would love to see added to Handbrake. This idea is that some movies/home video's are very long and run on two DVD's. I would like to see an option so you could combine two DVD titles (or more) into on single MPEG-4 file. Also if possible allowing the TARGET size feature to work with the two titles (or more) so I can make the whole thing under 4GB or whatever size you select for the MPEG-4 to be!

So tell me what you think? What is the possibility of seeing this in the future?

-AJH (Apples)

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Post by rhester »

Since HandBrake has no way of knowing content is split across multiple DVDs, it would have no means of joining them together.

Your best bet is to rip each title separately, then join the resulting tracks together with a tool like NicMP4Box (or the closest local equivalent if on MacOS). The only problem with this approach thus far is that HandBrake tends to "short-rip" titles and thus you are likely to be missing a few seconds of content from the first title at the join point. We are aware of this problem but do not currently have a work-around or a quick fix forthcoming.


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Post by whimpers »

If you join the multiple decrypted DVD titles with DVD2OneX (seamless, the '++' button) you can let it output to a VIDEO_TS folder that you can rip with HandBrake. Manually set an output size so that DVD2OneX doesn't recompress the movie.

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