Preview does not start at the file's beginning

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Preview does not start at the file's beginning

Post by marsjourney01 »

I have the latest Mac version. When I choose the file to rip and then Preview the window opens many seconds into the file. I would like the Preview to begin at the beginning of the file.

This would help me determine on a disk containing many files, like TV shows, which file is which episode.

I am running 1.0.7

My OS is 10.9.5 I will be upgrading to 10.10 this summer.

Thank you very much. I searched the Feature requests under "Preview" and could not find this topic. Apologies if this has been addressed.
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Re: Preview does not start at the file's beginning

Post by Woodstock »

When using a tool that is intended for ripping, such as MakeMKV, you could rip all the titles over a given number of seconds in length to your local disk, then view them VLC to see which files are which episodes. Handbrake works quite will with MKV files as input.
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