Possibility to chose a delay

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Possibility to chose a delay

Post by Lingo »

Somewhere on the Queue-window, have the option to chose a delay between completed and next movie (maybe with 3 minutes as default, if also a checkbox that need to be checked to activate it - otherwise always activated, but with 0 minutes as default).

If I do many videos in a row, the CPU gets hot and its fan work with full power... for a long time. I guess it maybe doesn't make much real difference, but it would feel like it does - if I could chose to have 3 → 5 minutes between movies... time for the fan to rest, and the CPU-temperature to temporarily decrease.

I use version 1,0,3

I run Windows 7 (x64)

Thank you for your work.

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Re: Possibility to chose a delay

Post by s55 »

Adding a delay won't make any difference to the health of the CPU. It's not "alive". You can run these things 100% 24/7 without issue as long as you have sufficient cooling.

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Re: Possibility to chose a delay

Post by Woodstock »

And a few minutes cool-off means nothing if the cooling is busted, because it will go right back up to maximum temperature within a couple of seconds of starting the encode. Fix the cooling, grab one of the free utilities to display the CPU temperatures, and don't worry about it unless the temps are getting up over 80C.

"Adequate" cooling should keep it under 75C, "Good" cooling under 65C, and "Really good" cooling will keep the CPU under 50C.

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