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Real time preview when cropping

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:37 pm
by Cthulhu
Please describe what you would like to see added to HandBrake:
Old behaviour of preview when cropping
Why would you like to see this added:
In the previous versions (before 1.0), clicking in preview, there was a picture, and could see and adjust the cropping. I mean, when you select custom crop and hit 'preview' you can see the changes made to the cropped video in real time. Now I have to click on preview every time I want see the cropped image. It is a waste of time
What version of HandBrake are you currently running:
Current Version: 1.0.2
What operating system and version and you currently running (e.g. OSX 10.11, Windows 7, Ubuntu 14):
Windows 10 x64