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animated subtitle

Post by irighti007 »

Please describe what you would like to see added to HandBrake:
Has anyone had any success encoding animated subtitles to mkv files?
Specifically back to the future pop-up trivia track

Why would you like to see this added:

What version of HandBrake are you currently running:
0.9.8, 0.10.5, and 1.0.1

What operating system and version and you currently running (e.g. OSX 10.11, Windows 7, Ubuntu 14):
Windows 10 pro
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Re: animated subtitle

Post by Woodstock »

How would you access this "track" on the original source? Is it a track you can select for playback, or a response to a remote instruction?

Handbrake can pass through most subtitle tracks into MKV files right now. But anything based upon Java in the original would likely not work. There are a lot of features in BDs that won't be in the first-generation MKV file generated by your ripping software, so it would not be available for handbrake to do anything with.

As for "animated" subtitles, I see those all the time with fan-generated Substation Alpha (ssa/ass type) subtitles. They don't play well in many players, but handbrake can burn them in with full animation.
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