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Change default encoder by user

Post by shavy »

Thx for the handy tools! I use MediaCoder before but HandBrake have two good features I like a lot, one is queue encode, the other is auto cropping. :D
If i can change encoder like "x265.exe" by myself, then I won't have to wait HandBrake update before I use latest version of specific encoder. And I notice that older version has Main10 for x265 but 1.0.1 disappeared, why? I thought 10bit is a good feature.
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Re: Change default encoder by user

Post by s55 »

This isn't something we plan to allow. We very deliberately choose specific versions of encoders as they provide a known quantity in terms of support.

If we allowed people to swap out libraries (not exes), we have a high risk of wasting an enormous amount of time tracking down "Bugs" that only exist because the user chose a broken build of a given library. We are a small project and can't afford that wasted time.

Also, note, HandBrake does not use x264.exe, or ffmpeg.exe, or x265.exe. It statically links the actually libraries in. That means you can only use versions with a given API version. If x265 changes an API, using a newer DLL wouldn't work and would result in a crash. Both libav and x265 are still rapidly evolving libraries so it's just not practical.

There are currently 2 exceptions to this rule. 10 bit x264 dll. and 10/12bit x265 dlls. You only get main10 if you put those on your system.
See viewtopic.php?f=11&t=34165

Using "Main10" in 0.10.5 didn't do anything. It was an erroneous dropdown menu item. All content was 8bit.
You only get Main10 In 1.0.x if you have the "correct" version of the x264/5 libraries installed.

Note, at some point we'll probably lock down the specific dll version as we've already had people try use different versions and have it crash due to API changes.
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