keep subs srt when embedding, possible?

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keep subs srt when embedding, possible?

Post by Trypt » Mon Dec 19, 2016 3:19 am

I am running the latest HB version 64bit on a 8-core AMD machine with dual NVidia cards, but that doesn't matter.

I do have a question regarding quality and speed for x265 codec (h265 HEVC) but I'll ask that in the support section, this is about subtitles and a suggestion if there is no solution yet.

I of course love encoding everything I have to HEVC, but while I don't mind external subs, I would like them internally. That being said, I like SRT style, I use potplayer, and I can make the top and bottom line close together etc, a lot of options right with the player. Same with MPC-HC or BE. However, Handbreak always converts any sub, external srt added or subs from inside the source, to something, SSA probably? And with that, the subs look completely different, in all players, especially the distance between the top and bottom line though, no matter how close you want them they are far apart, so it's not as customizable (I think vobsub filter can fix that, but I've been having mixed results with it and xyz). Is it possible to just import SRT and for them to stay as SRT in Handbreak? When I check details on files encoded with other software, the subs internally are SRT, and potplayer and mpc plays them nicely, but SSA for some reason just does not want to listen to potplayer's internal settings and has a mind of its own even when I turn everything to override its styles etc.

Thank you very much.

First time poster, but certainly not the last time :)

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