[Rejected] Target file size

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[Rejected] Target file size

Post by schnedler »

Please describe what you would like to see added to HandBrake:

I keep trying to install the older versions for one simple reason - the ability to just write in my target size for a file. I know you give us math conversions but for non-techie people it was so convenient each time to just write that in the square. I love this program but when that very useful feature was eliminated, I can't express my level of disappointment. Is there ever any possibility of bringing that back?

Why would you like to see this added:

It was the one feature I used to use EVERY time I used the program.

What version of HandBrake are you currently running:

What operating system and version and you currently running (e.g. OSX 10.11, Windows 7, Ubuntu 14): win 10
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Re: Target file size

Post by rollin_eng »

If you search you will see several threads about this, in short it's gone and it's not coming back.
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Re: Target file size

Post by mduell »

It didn't work very well and the usage was generally misguided, so no, I don't think it will ever come back.
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