Enabling HEVC DXVA decoding?

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Enabling HEVC DXVA decoding?

Post by ashleylai87 »

Few days ago, our client sent the company several videos encoded with x265. Around 15-33gb each files with 2-3 hours max.
The videos are merely 1080P.

Now, our company PC mostly using low end Core I3 (Sandy bridge) and AMD (the Phenom + kabini?) products. Most editing software at the company can barely play and edit H264 in real time fps using company sanctioned editing software.

Therefore I will have to re-encode the x265 videos to common H264 format.

Since my desktop pc at home has Intel HD4600 and GTX750Ti, I plan to use any form of acceleration available using Handbrake (nightly).

1) Checked "Disable QuickSync Decoding"
2) Select "H.264 (Intel QSV)

Since Intel HD4600 has QSV (in fake headless display mode) and GTX 750 TI as primary display, in theory, this would give me a considerably speedup.
*Handbrake DXVA decoding automatically defaults to primary display!

Unfortunately, Handbrake doesn't turn on DXVA for HEVC content yet.

As per request......can developer enabling HEVC DXVA decoding for nightly?

Edit: Intel HD4600 and Nvidia GTX 750TI has some form of hybrid HEVC decoding exposed through DXVA interface. Lavfilter supports it just fine.
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