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Feature Req: Deselect all

Post by VirtualNobody »

The Add Selected to queue is a nice feature, but it seems that on most DVDs, there are only 1-4 selections I want, and about 10 I don't. Unfortunetly, Handbrake by default selects everthing.

*) It would be nice if Handbrake did NOT select everything by default
*) had a select/deselect ALL toggle.

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Re: Feature Req: Deselect all

Post by TedJ »

I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to here. By default, HandBrake scans all of the available titles on the DVD that meet the (configurable) minimum duration then selects the longest title or the title corresponding to the main feature.

Moving to Feature Requests.
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Re: Feature Req: Deselect all

Post by mduell »


The recommended activity log would be helpful.
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