FDK-AAC anti bottle-neck

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FDK-AAC anti bottle-neck

Post by daaceking »

Hello. Fdk normally doesn't bottleneck encodes for me although on a rare occasion it does around 80% CPU. I'm assuming that it's single threaded? Is there anything that could be done to multithread it while keeping its efficiency?

Thanks :)

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Re: FDK-AAC anti bottle-neck

Post by musicvid »

FDK is developed, maintained, and licensed by Fraunhofer.
Ask them if they would like to try your patch.

README before suggesting a feature

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Re: FDK-AAC anti bottle-neck

Post by WARRZONE »

As long as your patch doesn't affect audio quality, I don't think it could hurt by submitting it to Fraunhofer. I think FDK-AAC sounds much richer than avcoder AAC.

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