List Encode Time in Queue

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List Encode Time in Queue

Post by spyboy »

When a job completed in the queue, it'd be great to post the elapsed time for that job and the average FPS.

This will help when encoding a file multiple times with different settings.

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Re: List Encode Time in Queue

Post by Djfe »

nice idea, could be helpful
and showing a little bit extra information shouldn't hurt at all

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Re: List Encode Time in Queue

Post by WARRZONE »

It would be nice to have total encode time when finished. Also, it would be nice as the encode is going on to have the estimated total time required, something like 00:01:23/04:19:36. The first number is counting up, and the second number is the total estimated time needed for all videos. Because of videos with different settings, the total estimated time should be updated at least at the start of each video, so it can adjust for fps changes.

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Re: List Encode Time in Queue

Post by Smithcraft »

What about when the FPS changes radically during an encode?


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