Generate fingerprint at time of encode

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Generate fingerprint at time of encode

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My request is to generate a fingerprint (GUID) at the time of encode. As we encode DVD media to a MPEG/MKV container we lose some useful information like what DVD release was the source media (Australian, European or North American release? Special edition, Collectors edition or Standard release?).

I understand why it is not within HB's role to look up movie information and write the meta-data to the destination media, but writing a fingerprint is something that HB is perfectly positioned for. It already has to read the entire video track to encode it, its "just" a matter of generating a fingerprint as it reads the source and then writing an attribute to the destination media with the DVD fingerprint.
A secondary application can then read that fingerprint, look up the relative movie information and present/write it as meta-data.

An idea for the fingerprint code/mechanism is available here:
JohnAStebbins kindly suggested it in the forum: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=25398
Sample code:

Many thanks for all your work, I love HB. Unfortunately I'm not a good enough developer to add these things myself.

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