Buttons to select all audio and all subtitle tracks

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Buttons to select all audio and all subtitle tracks

Post by brjhaverkamp »

Hello all,

First of all thanks for this great tool.
There is actually only one thing that would make it even handier in my opinion.

When importing a new DVD into my library, I normally want to have all audio tracks and subtitles included.
Especially when there are a number of them, it is cumbersome to select them one by one.
It is also the thing I keep forgetting, hence having to redo the whole thing... so this feature could also be seen as an energy/climate saving feature:-)

Having a button to insert all tracks at once in the audio tab, a button to select all subtitles at once and a setting to do this automatically on a new import would be a great usability improvement.

Thanks for all the great work,


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