Ability to pause individual items in queue

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Ability to pause individual items in queue

Post by purevw » Tue Nov 01, 2011 4:38 pm

The title says it all. It would be nice if a person were able to pause individual items in the queue. If I have 20 items in the queue and decide to temporarily stop after item 15, the only option I have is to either sit there and pause the conversion immediately after the previous file finishes, or delete the last entries and re-add them later. I saw in another request that a person suggested icons in the toolbar for moving files within the queue. Icons would be a very easy way to accomplish many things. A person could highlight the desired file or files, then pause, restart, cancel, or move them as he or she pleases. The Firefox plug-in "downthemall" has a very nice GUI that has the features I am talking about.

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Re: Ability to pause individual items in queue

Post by blurtrousers » Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:59 pm

This is already available in the Mac version, and given the ease of process suspension on Unix/Linux systems, I assume the Linux version does as well. But windows is a different beast; the only thing i could find capable of pausing processes is Free Process Freezer. However, while it works in XP and Vista, it does not appear to work in Windows 7 64-bit, whether that's a Windows 7 or 64-bit limitation, I don't know.

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