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Possible enhancements?

Post by mike548141 »


In addition to my feature suggestion for Chapter preview images (viewtopic.php?f=26&t=21747)

1) The ability to label tracks. Currently I label the audio and subtitle tracks using Subler so that they represent their content e.g. "Feature, 5.1 AC-3", "Feature, 2.0 AC-3", "Narrated Feature, 2.0 AC-3", "Director's Commentary, 2.0 AC-3", "Feature, DPL-II AAC", "Closed Captions", "Closed Caption Subtitles", "Director's Commentary Subtitles" etc...
It would be great to be able to manipulate the titles of the tracks at encoding time because its the only time that you can see the original track titles from the DVD.

2) Along the same line as (1) the ability to set the language flag on the track

3) An ability to execute third party modules/application once a encode is complete. I use Identify to tag the Movie with meta-data, artwork etc... and it would be great to reduce the steps required e.g. Rip -> Encode -> Tag

I'm hoping that one day Identify will also be able to search for SRT Subtitles and add them to the movie (in addition to meta info, iTunes info and Artwork) but thats for them.


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Re: Possible enhancements?

Post by JimboG »

I agree with the request for the ability to label the subtitle tracks. I see that you can now label the audio tracks using the "Advanced" button in svn4368 (which is great by the way) - but it would be great to do the same for the subtitles so that I can easily distinguish between three "English" subtitle tracks which might break down as:

Full English Subtitles
Directors Commentary

I hope this is considered in the future as I think it would benefit ALL people from ALL countries - but as it stands we are limited to choosing from the iso639-2 language code list which only suits people encoding in their own language - I hope that makes sense?

As far as I know "Wookie" and "Klingon" are not going to be added to the iso language code list anytime soon - but whether or not you are an English, French or Chinese-speaking person encoding their DVDs in their native tongue - Klingon will still be Klingon and Hutteese will still be Hutteese and "Commentary" or "Featurette Number 4" will still be what they are....

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,

James Gillies
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Re: Possible enhancements?

Post by mac_man_ad »

On the Mac version at least there is an option to send files to another application. Look in preferences.
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