Setting for iPod video players

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Brian Peat
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Setting for iPod video players

Post by Brian Peat »

I'd love to see a setting for those new iPod video players that use the 7 or 8 inch screens and run at 480x234 pixels. I have the Zeon rebadged iLuv unit, and I can tell you from experience that it will NOT play a Handbrake wide screen video correctly unless you put the unit into 4:3 mode. Then you end up with a small movie that's letter boxed on the top and bottom, and also has wide black bars on the sides.

I'm testing the anamorphic feature now (but my G4 doesn't rip very fast) and I'll report back how it plays, but it's kind of a waste to only have one size when you choose anamorphic. I'd love for someone to figure out what the best setting is for the 480x234 size based on the ration of the movie on the DVD, then give you the option to "format for 480x234 widescreen player" since pretty much ALL of these players are that same size.

In my early tests I ended up with a movie that was 480x320 and it actually gets squished to 234 when you play it on the zeon off the iPod. I really have no idea why it works, but it does. This was with the Ghost Light video off the Cars dvd. I tried another clip and it must have been a different ratio to begin with because it never quite looked right. many ratios, so little time :)
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Post by dynaflash »

If I understand you right, you are trying to run the video on your ipod and display it on another screen that is 7 or 8 inch ?

Rip the movie to the iPod and forget about the external screen size. Does that make sense ? Oh, and forget about anamorphic on an ipod. It wont work.

Hope that helps. If not can you be a bit clearer on what you are trying to do ?
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Post by baggss »

The iLuv is a portable iPod dock and screen. My wife was looking at them, kind of cool.
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