odd request...letterboxing

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odd request...letterboxing

Post by japtor »

odd request for an uncommon player, the play yan. basically what ive found is that it doesnt like (or know what the hell to do with) widescreen content. my ghetto workaround with handbrake before has been to rip the dvd at 90% quality or so, then go into qt player to add letterboxing and export that out with apple intermediate codec (not fantastic, but it works and is fast), then do the final encode it with isquint (because apples mpeg 4 encoder sucks). so yeah, widescreen dvds are kind of a [Censored] for me.

there are two other play yan related issues ive ran into as well. first it doesnt seem to like handbrakes encoding for whatever reason (with either encoder), it just wont play. i havent tested out mediafork yet, but i suspect itll be the same. [edit - just tried mediafork. ffmpeg worked, xvid didnt]. think it mightve worked with instant handbrakes psp setting, but im not 100% on that. im guessing it just cant handle some of the more advanced mpeg 4 features (although i think it can do profile 1). itd be nice to have an 'advanced options' thing to mess with all that stuff, at least until i can figure out what does and doesnt work.

the second issue is sort of related to the letterbox issue and my ghetto workflow there. the gameboys resolution is 240x160. one dvd i encoded was 16:9, so for the gameboy it would be 240x135, but i had to choose 128 or 144, neither of which really looked right (i ended up encoding at 480x272). of course this wouldnt be an issue if letterboxing gets put in, since it could just put the content at the proper 135 pixel high size within the (encoder friendly) 160 pixel high image. [edit - doing the test encodes just now, it would be nice for the picture settings pixel fields be directly editable, rather than being up/down buttons only, along with an option to remember those settings]

as for the ui side of things, apples qt export dimensions dialog has a simple solution, works for any input-output aspect ratio differences:

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