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README before suggesting a feature

Post by jbrjake »

First read: "HandBrake and Open Source"

Here are features that are already planned. Please don't waste our time by requesting them again.

I will repeat that.

Please don't waste our time by requesting them again.

I did not put this list together for fun. If you ignore this list and post a redundant request, your post will be deleted and your name will be added to the Hall of Shame at the end of this README. I hate to be so harsh on the request forum but it becomes entirely useless for developers if you can't trust that each thread is a unique feature request.

These features are scheduled in a pretty much arbitrary manner. We do not guarantee any of them will be in any particular version. Consider the versions they're attached to to be loose guidelines. Some will come sooner than others.

The following list is only updated when I have the spare time. For the most current list, always check the enhancements listed on the Trac:

Also, see the Trac Roadmap:


• Encode from time A to time B
• Video preview encodes
• Nested presets

For 1.0:

• Soft subtitles (.srt or VobSub)
• DTS audio pass-thru (like the AC3 pass-thru we already have)
• Import MeGUI profiles
• Audio normalization
• Hint MP4 for streaming

When Hell freezes over

• General-purpose MP4 tagging
• USB encoder stick support
• GPU acceleration

The following people refused to take 5 minutes to read this post before asking the developers to dedicate time to a feature:

• msingerman
• Bluemint
• dwt
• wiak
• MacPilot
• danmanix
• JasonKerner
• raducoc
• valmaer
• thesquare
• MeWhOeLsE
• N7co
• sebastian76
• zahadum
• Thierry
• Marth
• flowney
• RikPierce
• Nathan005
• tomtom
• nathug
• haifischjunge
• ciderboy
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