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Additional preset request: HiRes on XBox1

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:38 am
by peter_h
I have a number of the original Xbox1s around the house playing from my media server.

So I've been encoding all my vids using Recode, h.264, with alot of options turn off - CABAC, etc.

It's been working really well, with VLC playing them on my 700MHz laptop at 60% CPU (Xbox1 also uses a 700MHz Celeron). And they still look better than XVID encodes.

I've started using HB, but miss the ability to encode to h.264 for these machines. I've tried playing around with interpreting the options and turning x264 features off, but the results, so far, still overload the CPU. I'm feeling like giving up and just using XVid.

So my request is: To add an "XBox1 - HiRes" preset that uses x264 and would be suitable for playback on 700MHz Celeron machines.

Ta :)

Re: Additional preset request: HiRes on XBox1

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2009 10:39 am
by s55
All gaming presets have been removed. You'll find that it's real easy to overload a 700Mhz celeron so it's not worth your time.
Snapshot Releaase Notes wrote:* Video game presets: There are no more presets for the PSP, PS3, or Xbox 360. Quite frankly, they didn't work well. None of the development team members own the devices, so testing was minimal and support was nonexistent. Keeping up with the firmware vagaries and ambiguous specifications of these devices was not fun -- we get enough of that from Apple's kit, and those we all have around to test on. The new "Normal" preset should work perfectly fine on any device that supports standard Main Profile H.264 with AAC-LC audio in an MP4 file, which the PS3 and 360 ostensibly do.