Some Requests in Subtitles and Audio

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Some Requests in Subtitles and Audio

Post by Babydoll32 » Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:52 pm

Hi Guys,

I've tested the newest Nightly and I like it, but I've a few requests.

1. Is it possible to implement a funtion in Audio/Subtitle Options, to set Foreign Audio Search also as default.
It's irritating in batch encoding, to add it every time again and again, when you select a new title or open a new source.
Mainly it sucks in encoding TV series.

2. When I set a hook at an subtitle option, like Forced Only or Default, and I open a new source or add a new title, the hook's are set
automatically, also if I don't wan't it. Is it possible to add an option, to turn that off?

3. My last request is for the audio section. It would be cool, if there's a option, that stores audio settings,
like German = passthrough, English = AAC 128. Cause every time you add a new source,
you have to change it manually.

As last, I've to say, you do a great job! I love Handbreak...

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