Rage against Are-You-Human testing

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Rage against Are-You-Human testing

Post by AnalogKid »

In my first post as a new user, I have to write something against the rediculous are-you-human questions the forum makes you answer to register. What's the height of the Empire State Building? What did New York used to be called? How the heck should I know? Even Google searches didn't get the correct answers - my cut & pastes were rejected.

I hope the phpBB software has a switch to turn off this nonsense. Use it. If we want the spammers to win and completely handicap the Internet, we should keep making stupid are-you-human tests of distorted gibberish words that can't be read or asking trivia questions that take multiple Google searches to find answers to. Then message forums will be so crippled that no human can use them and only computerized spam bots will have enough persistence & speed to complete the registrations and post messages.
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Re: Rage against Are-You-Human testing

Post by TedJ »

We appreciate that the tests are frustrating, but then so is cleaning out dozens of spam posts and banning several bots every day. The trick is finding the sweet spot where the authentication process stymies the bots but doesn't aggravate new users.

Moving to Tiki Bar, as this isn't related to Handbrake.
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Re: Rage against Are-You-Human testing

Post by jbrjake »

Would you prefer a Voight-Kampff test?

It can be arranged.
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Re: Rage against Are-You-Human testing

Post by RickAns »

Nice one on the Blade Runner reference jbrjake. :D

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