H264 Baseline?

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H264 Baseline?

Post by sdaniels »

I built a new version of HandBrake with the SVN last night and now my Archos 605 WiFi will not fast forward the video.

I get an error : with iPod HiRes preset, Codec H.264 "Profile" and "Level" [Baseline/3.0] is not supported, or with AppleTV preset [Baseline/5.1] is not supported.

I notice the new version of HandBrake Gui doesn't have any Baseline adjustments, can it be fixed?
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Re: H264 Baseline?

Post by sdm »

I just bought the Archos 705 and am have found the same issue. This is using HB svn 1495.
So far in my experimentation, these advanced options play, but no fast forward:
anamorphic is off, and detelecine+vfr+decomb are on.
CABAC seems to cause trouble in complex motion.
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Re: H264 Baseline?

Post by s55 »

We do not support SVN builds.

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