Discussion Forum Questions - re Forum Site stuff

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Discussion Forum Questions - re Forum Site stuff

Post by Big-Gee »

Hi All..

A few quick questions as I am new to this community and its forums.

Q1: How does one display the discussions questions etc. in a threaded manner? By this I mean replying to a message for a particular post in the thread. e.g. Joe starts a thread. Bill replies to Joe's initial post. Fred Replies to Joe's post. Mike wants to reply to Bill's post directly under Bill, without it just winding up in the thread after the last post. That way I can see the discussion in a threaded approach. Is this possible on these forums?

Q2: there is an ability to create a signature that is supposed to append to ones postings when enabled, but it does not append. I checked through all the settings and I do not see why the signature does not get added to the post. Has this been disabled? If so why? ere its can be done.

Q3: I want to upload and avatar but that seems to be disabled. Why?

Q4: when I create a topic or want to subscribe to a topic to get notifications, where do you do that? I searched through the profile and other settings but cannot find it. Options does not appear on the screen when you create a post either.

Thanks for your help.


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Re: Discussion Forum Questions - re Forum Site stuff

Post by mduell »

A1: Use the quoting feature, there is no threading.

A2: Everyone with half a brain disables that [Censored].

A3: See A2.

A4: Edit posting defaults Notify me upon replies by default: and Edit notification settings

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